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A Journey To Paradise

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Do not leave home without one, find out if you need to get a passport for your vacation!! Check the links listed below for information and details on how to obtain a U.S. Passport

Passport Application Links:

Please click on the link below to print a passport application or a renewal passport application. It is very important to read ALL of the requirements carefully as the instructions are very specific. At this time, please allow 6-8 weeks for applications to be processed and to receive your actual passport for travel.

New Applicant:  

Renewal Passport:


(Re-Application is an option for passengers who have had their passport less than one year and have had a name change due to marriage or other reasons. There is no charge for this form BUT you must qualify with terms listed in this link)


To view status of a current passport application already submitted for processing:

For information where to apply for a passport and how the process works, click on the United States Postal Service link below:

Passports are now an important part of your Caribbean, Mexico, and Cruise Vacations....

Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative

Areas that fall under the WHTI:  CANADA - MEXICO - BERMUDA - THE CARIBBEAN REGION (includes 17 regions)

For more information on this and other travel related items, click on this link:

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

For information on how to get through the line faster / Acceptable Identification at the checkpoint / Traveling with children / Traveling with special items / Prohibited items / Pat downs and much more....  just click on the TSA link below:

Visa/Country Entry & Exit Requirements

For information concerning Visa requirements for any country, click on the link below and enter the country that you will be going too. This link will also inform you of any travel advisories posted for that country if there are any.

Link:   Visa Requirements